11 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Photo Book

I am a firm believer in printing your photos. Photos are so much more meaningful when you can experience them every day - on your walls, on your fridge, or at an arm's reach away in an album on your coffee table. Don't lose track of them in your phone or Instagram feed. Keep them close and your most treasured memories will always stay close too. 

NOW is the time to print your memories. In this season of waiting and uncertainty and anxiety, we're cherishing our people, our connections and our memories like never before. We're stuck in our houses. We can't hug our loved ones. We can't be with our friends. Prints and photo albums are a gateway to good times past. They enable us to relive our most beloved moments with an eye's glance or an arm's reach. What a gift. 

Need a little help getting started? Here are 11 ideas to inspire your next photo book! And hint hint: they make incredibly thoughtful gifts :)

1. Print life's BIG moments.

This may seem obvious, but it's so important to have TANGIBLE memories from life's best moments. Weddings, honeymoons, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, birth stories...if reflecting on these times brings you JOY, then they should absolutely exist in print.

2. Get "out of the house" with a photo album from your favorite trip!

Are you sick of being stuck at home? Can't wait to hop on a plane and explore a new city? While I *certainly* agree, one of the best things I've done for my sanity during this crazy time is look through photos from past trips and put them in photo albums. It's done wonders for my mood and it reminds me that THERE WILL BE LIFE after this - filled with vacations and trips and flights and fun new places to explore. But until then, I have my photo albums to get me through.

3. Create your very own yearbook.

Print a book from your baby's first year. Or a "year in review" album chronologically detailing the year's best memories. Whether you're keeping it for yourself or gifting it to a partner or friend, it will be treasured for years to come.

4. Albums make the most thoughtful gifts!

Whether it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or a birthday, photo albums will always be a wonderful way to stay connected to your loved ones. Pro-tip: Grandparents LOVE photos of their grandkids!

5. Take a journey down memory lane.

A photo album is one of the most meaningful ways to celebrate life's milestones - big birthdays, significant anniversaries, retirement -- these are all moments where a "through the years" book would be a fun and creative way to take a journey down memory lane.

6. Put together a book of your children's artwork!

Are your kids' drawings taking up too much space on the fridge? Do you have a stack of paintings that you can't bring yourself to throw away or file away? Snap a picture of all of them with your iPhone and put them in a photo book for safe keeping!

7. Document the life of your favorite pet.

I don't know about all of you but my pets have always been treasured members of my family. And when they are gone, all that remains are the memories. Collect your favorite photos of your fur babies and put together a photo book as a way to always remember them.

8. Make your very own family history book.

My family is very into genealogy. We've collected and scanned hundreds of photos, letters, documents and other interesting pieces of information from decades and centuries past. If you're like us, having all of the information in one book - organized in a storytelling fashion - would be a fun heirloom to pass down to future generations.

9. Are you an artist or creative? Print a small portfolio!

Do you often have your own booth at craft fairs, art festivals or farmer's markets? If so, print a small portfolio book of your work to have on hand for people to flip through!

10. Skip the photos and write a letter.

Do you have a loved one celebrating a milestone that requires an emotion-inducing, love-heavy, tear-jerking gift? Consider skipping the photos and gathering letters from friends and family to put into a book. Share favorite memories or what you love about your person. Ask everyone to take a photo of their letters and...Voila! You have "photos" for a photo album!

11. Create a "Life in Quarantine" memoir.

We are living in unprecedented times. Life right now is messy and uncertain and scary BUT there is so much JOY to be found in our day to day. Take pictures of your family life whenever you can - of the melt-downs, the tantrums, the backyard fun, the laughter, the afternoons watching movies on the couch - all of it is worth documenting. You'll be so grateful that you embraced the chaos and when this is all over, you'll be even more grateful that you captured it.

Interested in making a photo book but don't want to make it yourself? I GOT YOU! I'm now offering photo book creation services for your PERSONAL photos! Learn more HERE.

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