Laughter & Giggles / In-Home Family Lifestyle Session in Reston, Virginia

Oh how I adore sweet giggles and sister love. How cute are these 4?!

This session is from last fall and I'm FINALLY catching up on my blog posts thanks to this newfound time we all have (insert sad face and eye roll emoji here!)

Even though I'm just posting it now, it was one of my favorites from 2019. I think what I love most about this session is its simplicity. The colors are soft. We did most of the photos on Mom and Dad's bed instead of trying to fit in multiple backdrops. The family nailed that "relaxed casual" in-home session look with their outfits. And I realized that when everything else about the session is simple, the love and emotion really shines through.

I'm hoping to bring this idea into all of my 2020 sessions! Let's keep things simple so that we can highlight what's really important.

XO, Mary Catherine

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