Lifestyle Family Session / Rock Creek Park, DC

With two boys under the age of two, I KNEW this was going to be a fun session. Did we get sweaty? YES. Did we run around like maniacs? YES. Did we get the most adorable and authentic set of photos? DOUBLE YES.

First things first, I need to give a huge shoutout to Mom and Dad who *literally* got a workout during this session yet they somehow STILL look amazing.

Second, do you see those fall colors starting to pop? It's happening folks!! (Can you believe October begins NEXT WEEK? Eeeeeek!)

And lastly, I want to reiterate to all the parents out there who are afraid of their kids not "cooperating" -- please do not ever worry about that. They probably won't and that's okay! I honestly can't ask for a better shooting scenario than kids just being themselves. Their unique little personalities are truly my favorite thing to work with. It's SO fun!!

Love and virtual hugs to all!


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