Madison's Senior Portraits / Naples, FL

Venetian Village was CLEARLY made for Madison's senior portrait session. Look at all of these colors!!! And those blue tones that bring out her already strikingly blue eyes?! Man oh man.

Madison is a current senior at my old high school, so to be able to work with a fellow SJN Celtic was really special. We walked the same halls, had some of the same teachers, maybe even read the same books, but most importantly, we've both been part of the graduating class of seniors - a class that is typically very small, very close, and very hard to say goodbye to. But what I will say, in my old age, is that we will always be part of the SJN family. A family that I know now, 12 years after graduating, is a strong one - one that you can lean on and always come back to whenever you want.

So, that was definitely a little SJN-love tangent, but I can just so clearly feel what Madison must be feeling as a senior - the excitement, the curiosity, the anticipation, the love. It's such a special time and I'm SO honored to have been able to take these pictures for this beautiful gal.

Wishing you all the best in the exciting times ahead, Madison!!! <3


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