Sneak Peek: A Mommy & Me Session (with the Cherry Blossoms!)

I first met these two adorable humans (with Dad!) last fall at my Christmas tree farm mini-sessions. They ROCKED that session, especially little Noah, who just doesn't stop smiling! So when Jaime reached out to schedule a "Mommy & Me" session with the cherry blossoms as a surprise for her husband, I was giddy. These two are just as sweet in person as they are in their pictures, and I really loved strolling around the basin with them. My favorite conversation of the day goes a little something like this:

MC: "Noah, what do you think the cherry blossoms smell like?"

Noah: "Ummmmm, white cheddar!"

(Is he a kid after all of our cheese-loving hearts, OR WHAT.)

The love just radiates from these shots, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

If you're interested in your own Mommy and Me session, I'm offering Mommy & Me mini-sessions on May 5th. Email me for more details!

"They smell like white cheddar!"
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