Summertime Family Portraits / Chevy Chase, MD

This is one of my favorite collections to date! I met Danielle, Sean and Emilia at a local park in Chevy Chase on a VERY hot and VERY humid afternoon...but you'd never know it by how amazing they each look in these photos. Seriously. That's definitely not how I look when it's 90 degrees out with 100% humidity ;)

Okay, and that little Emilia is a HOOT. I think she might be my soulmate. A) She LOVES flowers. And wants to sniff them every chance she gets. The photos below where you see her little face all scrunched up? Yup, she's pretending she's smelling flowers. B) She LOVES dogs. She got very very distracted by all of the dogs in the park (but can you blame her) and started barking like a dog every time she saw one. Like, I said. Soulmate.

Danielle, Sean & Emilia - It was SO great to meet the three of you! Thanks for being troopers in the DC summer heat!!

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