Sunny Spring Maternity Session / Georgetown

Holy moly, you guys. I am officially on a springtime high!

This past Sunday, I had not one but TWO maternity sessions in Georgetown on one of the most perfect days I've ever seen. It was one of those early spring days where you FINALLY don't need a jacket. Trees all over Georgetown were just beginning to bloom. And best of all, we had the most gorgeous golden sunset that lasted forever because of daylight savings.

To top it all off, this family was adorable. Big-sister-to-be was a hoot and LOVED exploring. She was always up for a solid thrill - aka being thrown in the air or sitting on her dad's shoulders - and never failed to get excited at a new flowering tree or bush. A girl after my own heart! Mom was stunning in the late afternoon light. And Dad was as playful as ever. I had so much fun!

Enjoy these sweet photos!

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