Three Destinations in the DMV for Flower Lovers (that are not the cherry blossoms!)

If you know me at all, you know that I love a good blossom. But I'm here to tell you that there is more to life than those cherry blossoms! Here are three of my favorite destinations in the DMV for fellow flower lovers out there.

1. Burnside Farms Tulip Fields

Every spring, Burnside Farms opens their tulip fields to the public for the Festival of Spring. Visitors can pick their own flowers, frolic through the fields, or enjoy family activities like the cow train or wagon rides - and they even have over 100 pairs of authentic dutch shoes to "klomp" around in! The tulips only peak for about ten days in April or May, so be sure to pay close attention to those field reports!

2. May Day in Annapolis

Each year on May 1, Annapolis hosts a May Basket competition in which the town's homes and businesses present beautiful baskets full of freshly cut flowers and ribbons to be judged by the Garden Club of Old Annapolis. They are works of art and each one is different from the next. It's worth the trip, especially if you also make a pitstop at the Annapolis Ice Cream Company. TRUST ME.

3. McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss these sunflower fields in peak bloom (typically late July, early August.) If you can only visit one place on this list, make it McKee-Beshers. I went one evening after a summer thunderstorm just as the clouds opened up to an amazing sunset. And seeing the flowers just go on as far as the eye can see beneath a stunning sky was like nothing I'd ever witnessed.

And on that note, please know that I'm dying to do a whole bunch of sessions here, so let me know if you want one!

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