Trail Ridge Road Wedding Portraits / Rocky Mountain National Park

Ohhh my heavens, did I absolutely LOVE shooting Logan and Cody's wedding portraits on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park! Not sure I will EVER be able to top this session.

A little background -- I flew out to Colorado last week to attend their wedding both as a guest and as the official wedding photographer. Logan and I previously worked at National Geographic together but sadly had to part ways when she decided to move back to Colorado. Luckily for her, that decision led Logan to her now-husband, Cody! 

I'm planning on doing a whole separate post about their actual wedding day, so more on that later :) 

As for their wedding portraits, Logan and Cody (smartly) opted to do these the day AFTER the wedding so they'd have more time on their big day to ENJOY their big day with family and friends, but ALSO because they wanted to shoot in a location that held meaning for each of them individually, and also as a couple. 

As for me, obviously I CANNOT complain about this choice. I mean, LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS! It's really hard to NOT want to move to Colorado after spending a weekend in these mountains.

DC/MD/VA clients - would you be willing to move with me?! JK JK JK. Kinda.

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