Stephanie & Friends: A UCF Senior Portrait Session / Orlando, FL

Holy SMOKES I am excited about these photos. Don't you feel like you'd see these girls on an American Eagle front-of-store display or something? They are SO cute! All three are graduating from University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL in May and are best friends and Kappa sisters. They clearly love each other and LOVE to laugh! Laughing photos are my all-time favorite kind of photos, so having so many in one session made my heart pretty happy. And of course, I adore my gal Stephanie for rocking rose-gold glitter Minnie ears (when in Orlando, right?!) and that KILLER romper.

Sidenote: my camera promptly DIED right after this session. Not like ran-out-of-battery died, like "I had been using it for ten years and its little heart finally gave out-DIED." Let me tell you, I was distraught. Stressed to the max, didn't know what to do or where to go, and these girls were so patient and kind! We even went and drowned our sorrows in Chick-fil-a after the session. So, this day was one to remember, for more reasons than one! THANK YOU girls for being so great (and so adorable!!!)

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